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Máquina de pañales para bebés de tipo semi servo

Máquina de pañales para bebés de tipo semi servo

Quanzhou Niso Industry Co., Ltd lanzó recientemente una Máquina de pañales para bebés NS-INK450 Semi Servo , La nueva máquina ofrece un sistema de control de servicio completo inteligente, visualizado y de alta velocidad y alta eficiencia. La línea produce pañales para bebés de tamaño S, M, L y XL con paneles laterales elásticos. La velocidad de producción es de 350-400 piezas por minuto. Con una máquina de embolsado automático opcional, la velocidad de empaque alcanza hasta 50 paquetes por minuto. El sistema de autocontrol de servo completo es el núcleo para que los clientes actualicen su fábrica en un lugar eficiente, automatizado y confiable para la producción de productos para el cuidado de bebés. Los clientes también pueden solicitar sistemas de monitoreo de cámaras para realizar verificaciones de tamaño en línea, inspecciones de ubicación, etc. Se pueden hacer otras solicitudes a medida para diseñar las mejores soluciones para los clientes.

New Elastic Laminate for Masks Solves Elongation Challenges

December 7,2020.

The current pandemic situation around the world has created a critical gap in terms of surgical mask availability. Suddenly many countries have recognized an internal gap for the capacity of manufacturing dsposable surgical masks and KN95 medical surgical masks even at the government level there have been actions to encourage key enterprises to invest in converters and install domestic capacity.

Nevertheless, another gap that has come up is related to the availability of several raw materials.

Many producers are aware of the criticality of applying elastic cord at high speed, being the most common design of masks sourced in Asia.

In addition, elastic cords are replacing the elastic bands in new mask designs. Despite this latter design was much more “process friendly,” especially for high-speed converters, many producers have decided for a more pragmatic approach by simply reapplying the elastic laminated material generally used for other applications, such as diaper elastic back ears.

As a result, many consumers experienced an uncomfortable feeling due to the fact that the elastic characteristics were tailored for a fastening system application. This problem has become even more critical after several hours wearing a mask and it is known as the “dumbo” effect.

In order to eliminate the consumer’s uncomfortable feeling, Texol’s R&D organization has designed “Elamask,” a laminated material intended to show high elongation with low force retraction.

The material is available in a basis weight of 100 gsm and has already been tested on the main mask high speed converter machine proving good runnability and good bonding properties. Most of its customers have already switched to Texol’s “Elamask.”

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